Sewer Line Repair

There is only one thing worse than dealing with raw sewage spills outside, and that’s having the toxic sludge back up into your beautiful home. Sewage can cause all sorts of health problems for you and your family; not to mention that awful smell. When you’re looking for sewer line repair in San Jose, CA and the surrounding area, make us your first choice. Give Go-mez Plumbing and Drain a call today at
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Trench-less Repairstren
With trenchless technology, we are able to fully repair or replace your sewer line without needing to dig. This translates into saving the cost of excavation, putback of the soil after the repair, and minimum repairs to your landscaping or hardscaping to repair damage due to excavation.

We’ve been providing plumbing services right here in beautiful San Jose, CA for nearly a decade, and have developed a reputation for doing things the right way the first time. When you need it done, and need it done in a hurry, we’re your experienced neighborhood plumber.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?
There are a number of contributing factors that can lead to the decay of your sewer or drain lines. Our experienced plumbers have years of experience identifying sewage trouble areas as well as restoring them to proper functionality. Check out just a few of the many causes of damaged sewer lines:

  • Bellied line- A bellied line is where the pipe develops a low point or valley. This low point can start to accumulate materials and debris, leading to clogs and unnecessary stress on the line.
  • Blocked pipe- Sometimes objects or debris are flushed down the drain that don’t belong. If you’re experiencing any kind of sewer blockage, we can help clear the blockage for you.
    Poor installation- Drainage or sewer pipes are only as good as the person that previously installed them. Poor installation can lead to big problems later on down the road.
  • Roots- Trees are incredibly powerful and their roots are known to push through pipes frequently. This tends to happen slowly over time — then, suddenly, one day you have a yard full of sewage.
    Weak pipe- Every pipe is designed to last a finite amount of time. If you’re living in an older home it could mean that your sewer lines have come to the end of their lives.

Shifting soil- Soil is constantly shifting and moving. This can cause big problems for your underground sewer lines, causing them to shift and break.

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